Explore the House

Take a look around our House. This place is a home to Disciples who are preparing for ministry at Vanderbilt. Each year, about 20 Divinity students come together to share living space and to share their lives with one another. Whether it is in walking the two blocks together to class, or in sharing lunch in the kitchen or a game in the Commons Room, or in studying together for an Ethics exam, or in helping a friend edit a major paper, or in working together on a ministry project–our students build incredible friendships that sustain them now and throughout their lives in ministry. “For me, the House community was the best part of my time at Vanderbilt.”


House Dinners are integral to our programming. About once a month, the House community gathers for a meal together with special guests as Disciple leaders, faculty in a less formal setting, and other guests.

Opening Retreat at the beginning of each school year sets the tone for monthly dinners. The retreat also helps residents to get to know one another and to facilitate harmonious living and learning together in a beloved community.

The Graduation Celebration has become a House tradition: just before Commencement, the Disciples House community gathers to share a meal and to celebrate the accomplishments of its graduates as they complete their work at VDS. Families of the graduates attend, and everyone enjoys a send-off that includes dinner, roasting by Housemates, concluding remarks, and a blessing and benediction.


The Residents Handbook is the one-stop shop for everything you need to know about living in the Disciples House.